On The Block No Longer On The Air: @BrentAxeMedia Leaving Syracuse Radio

This Friday will be the last time I will hear my favorite opening in radio, “On the block is on…the …air”. I intended to write this column later this week but with the unpredictability of life, I decided to do this now and send my best wishes to a man who, while listening to him, makes me feel like I am talking to a friend, Brent Axe. He has not publicly stated where he is going but announced last week that he is leaving his radio gig to try something else.

This is not a post about me breaking the news because there were two great articles put out Friday written by Sean Keeley on Nunes Magician blog and the good folks over at CNYRadio who had some great detail about the specifics and his radio history. This is just me sharing why Brent and his show meant a lot to me.

For years now, whenever possible, my sports talk radio has revolved around one person and that is Brent Axe (and Dan Patrick occasionally). It first started when I found him doing afternoon live podcasts with the chat room enabled and could interact with him. When he took the job with The Score 1260, I followed him as best I could from North Carolina, first via the internet when I was home and then by phone apps.

Brent and I have disagreed on various subjects (the retirement of 44 and the firing of Coach P) but we seem to agree often as well (shut up about SU basketball playing man to man and please stop doing the wave). One reason I became a fan though was because as long as you discussed the issues with him and did not go crazy, even if he disagreed with you, he treated you with respect.

When a big time story hit a bit too close to home, I shared my view with him and he allowed me to share my views. When he wanted listeners to participate in his Blind Side segment (which is my favorite in radio), I jumped at the chance and sat in my sweaty call in 100 degree heat just to have some quiet to participate and LOVED IT! When I asked him in 2008 to do an interview for my blog, he was happy and willing despite me being new to the blogging thing. When I met him in person at the #140Cuse conference in Syracuse earlier this year, he welcomed me as though we had been friends for years and I enjoyed our conversation (I often wonder if my orange suspenders revealed my identity).

Now Brent has not said what his new venture will be and as far as I know, he will continue to work with syracuse.com. I am sure he will use his Twitter account to reveal his future when the timing is right. He says he will remain in Syracuse in some form and I for one am glad to hear this as I think his voice is needed in the Syracuse market. He is a local lacrosse guy who grew up in CNY and knows how the fans think and feel. This is why from 2-6pm during the week, my phone becomes a radio and I enjoy hearing about the sport world from Brent’s eyes.

This is not a goodbye to Brent (the first video was because I know how much Brent loves Bruce) but a way to say goodbye to the Syracuse tradition that his show has become over the past few years and wish him the best in his future endeavors. I will still gladly harass him on Twitter and share my lame jokes but come Monday next week, I won’t be able to turn on the radio and here this show that helps guide me through the rest of my work day (as long as work does not interfere with the Blind Side segment, Top 5 or the great guests he seems to find).

So this Friday I hope everyone will tune in one last time as Brent Axe will go start off his show with those famous words. Good luck Brent Axe and thank you for making afternoons and sports radio enjoyable.

Syracuse Craigslist Featured Items

Syracuse Craigslist Featured Items

While looking at some casual encounters stuff I had listed on Craigslist, I came across some listings and thought I would try something out (and totally steal Three Idiots On Sports gimmick).Here are the ones I found today and if it seems like people enjoy it, I may try it again.  Some may be serious, some may have a hint of sarcasm but I will leave that up to you to decide which is which. Check these out:

First up, this lovely item for those who miss the McNabb era. Remember the authenticity of these items are subjective but hey, it is a team autographed ball. Are you willing to pay to find out??

Donovan McNabb and 1997 Syracuse Football team, Autographed Football – $500 (Chittenango)

The next item is a barter. There is no specific item they have listed to barter for unless they want to exchange pay phones. I actually saw someone using a pay phone the other day not far from my house and remembered how at one time, that was the only way to talk to someone when you were out in public.

Pay phone (Syr)

The next item up for bid is for that Yankee fan in your life who is either pregnant or his wife/girlfriend is. I know a handful of Twitter people on Twitter who if they are reading this, are trying to determine their gas mileage costs to Mexico, NY verses the cost of this item.

NY Yankees DIaper Cake – $30 (Mexico)

And last but not least…for now is this person looking for SU tickets. They live in North Carolina and are looking for tickets so I think it is my destiny to help this great SU fan find their tickets. My chance to make it up to Syracuse for a home game may not be in the plans this year but let’s help this person fulfill their dreams.
Go Orange!